Can Goldendoodles Eat Kabocha Squash?

By Jeffrey Cheek
January 22, 2023

a goldendoodle thinking about eating kabocha squash

Yes, Goldendoodles can enjoy eating kabocha squash! Kabocha squash is packed full of vitamins and minerals, making it a great healthy snack choice for Goldendoodles especially ones that are on a raw diet!

Goldendoodle owners may not be aware that kabocha squash can offer special benefits for their four-legged family members. Packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber and low in calories and fat, this type of winter squash is a nutritious treat for dogs.

In addition to vitamin A, Vitamin E and fiber, kabocha squash also contains other important nutrients such as potassium, vitamin C, and beta-carotene which are beneficial for overall health of canines.

Feeding kabocha squash to your Goldendoodle can also help to boost their immune system and promote healthy skin and coat which can also help to combat harmful free radicals in the body.

How to Feed Kabocha Squash to Goldendoodles

When feeding your Goldendoodle kabocha squash, it's important to remember that moderation is key. Too much of this vegetable can cause digestive issues or even an upset stomach. Start by adding small amounts to their regular diet and monitor their reaction before increasing the amount they eat.

It's also important to note that kabocha squash should not replace any part of your dog's regular diet. Instead, use it as a supplement or occasional treat to add variety to their meals.

Can kabocha squash be fed to Goldendoodles with food allergies or dietary restrictions?

Kabocha squash is a hypoallergenic food, which makes it safe to feed to Goldendoodles with food allergies or dietary restrictions.

However, if your pup has any digestive sensitivities, talk to your vet first before introducing kabocha squash into their diet.

It naturally contains some sugar, but it's glycemic index is low, meaning it won't spike your dog's blood sugar levels.

Can Kabocha Squash be mixed with other foods or should it be fed alone?

You can mix kabocha squash with other vegetables, grains, or proteins such as chicken or beef to create a balanced meal for your pup, just like you would do if your goldendoodle is on a raw diet.

What to Look Out for When Feeding Kabocha Squash to Your Goldendoodle

As with any food item, Kabocha Squash should be given in moderation to avoid any potential digestive upset or other health issues.

Kabocha Squash can be given raw or cooked , depending on your Goldendoodle's preference. If you choose to cook it, be sure to avoid adding any salt, sugar or other additives.

If you give the Kaboocha Squash raw, make sure to cut it up into small pieces as your Goldendoodle will get excited at the sight of his favorite natural sugary treat and may try to swallow it whole.

Additionally, the seeds and rinds should always be removed before feeding as these can cause choking hazards or blockages if ingested by your pup.

Can i give my Goldendoodle squash instead of pumpkin?

Yes, you can give your Goldendoodle squash instead of pumpkin. Pumpkin is a great source of fiber and other vitamins and minerals but kabocha squash contains the same key nutrients such as vitamin A, Vitamin E, beta carotene and potassium; however it's lower in calories and fat than pumpkin.

Which Forms of Kabocha Squash Can Goldendoodles Safely Consume?

can Goldendoodle eat kabocha squash skin?

No, Goldendoodles should not eat kabocha squash skin. It is best to remove the skin before feeding as it can be difficult for dogs to digest and may cause intestinal blockages.

can Goldendoodles eat raw kabocha?

Yes, your goldendoodle can enjoy both raw and cooked kabocha squash!


Kabocha squash is a great way to provide your Goldendoodle with additional vitamins, minerals and fiber without adding any extra calories or fat. As long as it is served in moderation, kabocha squash can be a safe and nutritious treat for your pup!

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