Goldendoodle Eyelashes: All About Them

By Jeffrey Cheek
December 11, 2022

a goldendoodle laying in grass

Most pet owners have seen their furry friends sporting long, luxurious eyelashes.

But why do dogs have eyelashes in the first place?

Do goldendoodles have them too? Let’s dive into the science behind these furry friends and find out!

Goldendoodle eyelashes are all the rage – find out why and learn how to groom them yourself!

Yes, of course! All dogs, including goldendoodles, have eyelashes. And like all other animals with eyelashes — humans included — they serve to protect their eyes from dirt and debris. Just like humans, Goldendoodle eyelashes are long enough to brush away dust and dirt that may enter their eyes during playtime or while exploring outdoors.

Why Do Dogs Have Eyelashes?

It turns out that all mammals (including humans) are born with eyelashes for a very important reason—protection! Just like your eyes need sunglasses to protect them from UV rays and dirt, your pup’s eyelashes help keep dust and debris away from their eyes.

Longer lashes also help block out more light, which can be beneficial for pups that are sensitive to bright lights.

Why Do Some Goldendoodles Have Long Eyelashes?

When it comes to Goldendoodles, their eyelashes can vary in length. Some may have long, luxurious lashes while others may have shorter, more stubby ones. This solely depends on how much percent of the genes the goldendoodle inherits from its parents.

For example, if the goldendoodle has more of a poodle heritage in its genes, it will likely have longer eyelashes (as poodles have longer eyelashes) than those with a higher percent of golden retriever heritage. 

Should You Cut Your Goldendoodles Eyelashes?

a goldendoodle looking in the camera

Cutting your goldendoodles eyelashes completely depends on you and what style your pup is going for.

I personally don't touch Bailey's eyelashes unless they are too long and start to interfere with his vision. If that happens, I will trim them slightly so they don't obstruct his sight.

However, it’s always best to leave your goldendoodles eyelashes untouched as they are vital in keeping debris away from their eyes and blocking out excess light. 

How to Safely Cut Your Goldendoodles Eyelashes

If you don't feel comfortable or unsure about cutting your pup’s eyelashes yourself, be sure to take them to a professional groomer or vet. If your goldendoodle is twitchy, you could easily cause them discomfort or injury.

To safely cut your pup’s lashes, use a pair of good-quality scissors that have rounded tips and blunted edges. Be careful to only trim the excess hair — don't go overboard! You should also make sure you're cutting in natural lines (not straight across) as this will help keep their lashes looking natural. 

How Frequently Should You Cut Your Goldendoodles Eyelashes?

a goldendoodle in snow looking in the camera

Goldendoodle eyelashes grow back to their original size in five to six weeks, so don't worry about having to cut them too often. Even if you skip it, your pup will still look fine!

However, because of genetics, your pups eyelashes might grow faster. You have to monitor them closely and decide if they need a trim or not. 

What Will Happen If You Don’t Cut Your Goldendoodles Eyelashes?

Nothing serious will happen if you don't cut your goldendoodles eyelashes, however, if you don't keep an eye on them they might start to curl inwards and cover the pup's eyes. This can be uncomfortable for them and may even cause vision issues if left untreated.

Do Goldendoodles Eyelashes Grow Back?

Yes, goldendoodle eyelashes will grow back on their own, just like human eyelashes. This usually takes around five to six weeks, depending on how much you trimmed them.

Are There Tools For Cutting Your Goldendoodles Eyelashes?

Yes, there are special tools designed specifically for trimming your pup’s lashes. These are usually curved scissors with rounded tips to ensure that you don't accidentally cut them too short.

These types of scissors are available in most pet stores and online retailers and can make the task of cutting your goldendoodles eyelashes a lot easier. 

Which dog breed has the longest eyelashes?

The dog breed called "Lhasa apsos" has the record for the longest eyelashes. It is believed that this breed has evolved to have long eyelashes in order to help keep snow and debris away from their eyes while living in the Himalayas.


Goldendoodle eyelashes can vary in length, depending on the genes they inherit from their parents.

You can choose to cut your pup's lashes or leave them be — it’s ultimately up to you. If you decide to trim them, make sure to use a pair of special scissors and don't go overboard with it.

Good luck with your pup’s grooming and have fun! 

Jeffrey Cheek

Jeffrey Cheek is the proud owner of a funny goldendoodle named Bailey. Jeffrey loves spending time with his family and friends, and he enjoys being active outdoors. He is a successful business owner, and he takes great pride in providing for his loved ones. Bailey is always by Jeffrey's side, and the two of them make everyone around them laugh with their silly antics.

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