Moss Creek Goldendoodles Review: Process and Information

By Jeffrey Cheek
November 19, 2022

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If you are considering buying a Goldendoodle from Moss Creek Goldendoodles, then you have come to the right place.

In this article, we will review the breeder and tell you what to expect if you decide to buy a dog from them. 

Moss Creek Goldendoodles is a breeder of Goldendoodles located in Florida. They have been breeding Goldendoodles since 2004 and they are actually the first breeder to breed English F1B Goldendoodles in the US.

Moss Creek Doodles are known for their distinct look and amazing temperaments, both of which come from years of hands on experience and having a close relationship with a A Trainer, a Veterinarian, and an Animal Behaviorist.

Many reviewers have noted that they can spot a Moss Creek Goldendoodle in a sea of Goldendoodles due to their distinct look. Additionally, people often stop Moss Creek Goldendoodle owners to ask where they got their pup from. 

Behind The Scenes:


At Moss Creek, the parents are carefully selected and tested for health, temperament, and conformation. All parents are OFA certified for hips and elbows. They also have genetic testing done to ensure that the pup will not be affected by genetic diseases common in the breed.

They import their parent dogs from the top kennels in various countries, like Romania, the Netherlands and Canada.

Early Neurological Stimulation

Moss Creek also practices Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS), which is a series of exercises designed to stimulate the neurological development in puppies. This helps the puppy become more resilient and have the ability to better handle stress throughout its life.

This helps them to produce puppies with a strong temperament, making them well rounded and able to be therapy, companion, and service dogs. 

Guardian Homes

Many of goldendoodles from Moss Creek are raised in guardian homes. This means that the dog is placed in a home with an experienced family and they help to raise him or her until it is time for them to join their new families.

They Provide Personalized Customer Service

What most breeders fail at is providing personalized customer service, but not Moss Creek Goldendoodles. They understand that getting a new dog is an emotional experience and they seek to provide guidance and support throughout the process.

Any questions you have will be answered promptly and they will always provide the best advice to ensure that you get the right pup for your home. 

Available Puppies at Moss Creek Goldendoodles

There are always plenty of puppies available at Moss Creek Goldendoodles. The puppies come in three sizes: Mini, Medium, and Standard.

They also provide a variety of colors, including Red, Apricot, Cream and Parti Colors.

The generations they offer include:

  • F1 English Goldendoodles
  • F1B English Goldendoodles
  • F2 English Goldendoodles
  • F2B English Goldendoodles
  • F3 English Goldendoodles

Adoption Process at Moss Creek Goldendoodles

You can just walk in and buy a puppy (which is a very good sign), you have to go through a thorough application process. They make sure that the puppies are going to homes where they will receive all the love and care they need.

Step 1: Filling out an Application

First, you will need to fill out an application so that Moss Creek can get to know you better.

In this form, they ask a series of questions about you and what are the preferences you have when it comes to a puppy.

Step 2: Phone Interview with Moss Creek Goldendoodles

After the application is received and accepted, Moss Creek will contact you to do a phone interview.

During this call, they’ll ask more in-depth questions about what kind of pup you’re looking for. 

Step 3: Placing a Deposit

Once the phone interview is completed, you will be asked to place a deposit. This deposit is $295 and is non-refundable.

This helps to ensure that you are serious about adopting a pup from Moss Creek Goldendoodles. 

Step 4: Waiting List

When you place the deposit, your name will be added to their waiting list. This list is used to determine which pup goes to which family and when.

Pricing at Moss Creek Goldendoodles

Once your application has been accepted by Moss Creek Goldendoodles, you will be able to reserve a puppy. This can be done by placing a deposit of $295 online or in person at the kennel.

These are the prices you’ll find on their website:

  • Small English Goldendoodle: Starting at $3,995 ($295 Deposit Included)
  • Medium English Goldendoodles: Starting at $3,495 ($295 Deposit Included)
  • Standard English Goldendoodle: Starting at $3,495 ($295 Deposit Included)
  • Mini Schnoodle: Starting at $3,495 ($295 Deposit Included)

Contact Details of Moss Creek Goldendoodles

  • Founder: Kelli R. Bailey
  • Location: Moss Creek Goldendoodles is located in Sunny Central Florida.
  • WebsiteMoss Creek Goldendoodles
  • Facebook: McDoodles
  • Twitter: @MossCreekDoodles 
  • Instagram: @MossCreekDoodles
  • Pinterest: @MossCreekDoodles
  • LinkedIn: Kelli R. Bailey
  • YouTube: Moss Creek Goldendoodles
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