What is a Moyen Goldendoodle?

By Jeffrey Cheek
February 21, 2023

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A Moyen Goldendoodles is a medium-sized Goldendoodle.

The term “Moyen” is French for “medium” and refers to the size of the dog, which is between that of a miniature and a standard Goldendoodle. They have all the loving traits of both parent breeds, with the low-shedding quality of the poodle gene.

Let's look at more information about Moyen Goldendoodles.

Moyen Goldendoodles are a medium-sized breed, typically weighing between 20-30 pounds. They have a double coat, with the outer coat being curly, wavy, flat or straight and the undercoat being soft and dense. This breed is low-shedding and hypoallergenic, making them an ideal choice for people with allergies.

Temperament and Personalities of Moyen Goldendoodles

Moyen Goldendoodles are known for their gentle and friendly personalities. They are loyal to their owners and love to be around people. They are also highly intelligent and easy to train, making them great service and therapy dogs.

In terms of temperament, Moyen Goldendoodles are generally laid back and tolerant of reprimands. They can be independent at times but they also enjoy spending time with their families. As long as they receive enough exercise and mental stimulation, they will remain calm indoors.

Appearance of Moyen Goldendoodles

The appearance of a Moyen Goldendoodle will largely depend on the breeding generation. F1B Moyen Goldendoodles will have more of the Poodle characteristics in their appearance as they are bred with an F1 Goldendoodle and an unrelated purebred Poodle. On the other hand, F1 Moyen Goldendoodles will have more of the Golden Retriever characteristics in their appearance as they are bred with an unrelated purebred Golden Retriever and an unrelated purebred Poodle.

Commons Health Problems of Moyen Goldendoodles

Hip dysplasia and progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) are two common health problems that can affect all sizes of Goldendoodles including Moyens. Hip dysplasia occurs when the hip joint does not form properly, leading to pain and lameness in affected dogs. Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) is an eye disorder that causes gradual vision loss due to degeneration of cells in the retina over time. Responsible breeders should ensure that both parents of any litter are tested for these conditions before breeding them together to reduce the risk of passing it on to their puppies.

Moyen Goldendoodle Care and Nutrition

When it comes to nutrition, Moyen Goldendoodles need high-quality food that is rich in protein and healthy fats. It's important to feed your pup food specifically designed for their size and age, as this will ensure they get all the nutrients they need to stay healthy.

Dental health is also important for Moyen Goldendoodles, as they can be prone to dental problems due to their smaller jaw size. Regular brushing with a soft-bristled toothbrush and toothpaste designed specifically for dogs can help keep your pup's teeth clean and healthy.

Exercise needs vary depending on the individual pup, but generally speaking, Moyen Goldendoodles need at least 30 minutes of exercise per day in order to stay fit and healthy. This should include both physical activity such as running or playing fetch, as well as mental stimulation such as puzzle toys or training sessions.

Finally, grooming is an important part of caring for your Moyen Goldendoodle. Brushing their coat regularly with a slicker brush or pin brush can help reduce shedding and keep their coat looking shiny and healthy. Additionally, trimming their nails every few weeks will help prevent them from becoming too long or sharp which can cause discomfort when walking or running around outside.

Choosing a Moyen Goldendoodle Puppy

When it comes to choosing a Moyen Goldendoodle puppy, it's important to do your research. Make sure you find a reputable breeder who can provide you with the necessary information about the breed and the parents of the puppy. It's also important to ask questions about the puppy's health, temperament, and socialization. Taking your time in selecting a puppy is key to ensuring that you get a healthy and well-adjusted pup that will fit into your family.

Training and Socialization for Moyen Goldendoodle Puppies

Training and socialization are essential for any dog, but especially for Moyen Goldendoodles. Start training as soon as possible so that your pup can learn basic commands such as sit, stay, come, leave it, etc. Additionally, socializing your pup early on is important for helping them become comfortable around people and other animals. Take them out on walks or trips to parks or pet stores so they can get used to different environments and experiences.

Potential Behavior Problems and Aggression in Moyen Goldendoodles

Moyen Goldendoodles are generally friendly dogs that get along well with people and other animals. However, like all breeds they can develop behavior problems if not properly trained or socialized. It's important to be aware of potential issues such as aggression towards other animals or people, separation anxiety, barking excessively, digging up gardens or furniture chewing. If any of these behaviors start to arise it's best to consult with an experienced trainer or behaviorist right away in order to address them before they become more serious issues.

Tips for Playing and Bonding With Your Moyen Goldendoodle

Playing with your pup is one of the best ways to bond with them! Make sure you set aside some time each day just for playing together - this could be anything from fetching a ball in the backyard to taking them on an adventure at the park! Additionally, make sure you give them plenty of love and attention throughout the day - cuddling up on the couch together or giving them belly rubs are great ways to show your affection!

How Much is a Moyen Goldendoodle?

Moyen Goldendoodles can vary in price depending on the breeder and their location. Generally speaking, a Moyen Goldendoodle puppy can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $2,500. It's important to keep in mind that this is just an estimate - prices may be higher or lower depending on various factors such as the breeder's location or experience, the puppy's gender, and any extra fees.


Moyen Goldendoodles are intelligent, loving, and loyal dogs that make wonderful family pets. With the right diet and exercise routine, regular brushing and grooming, as well as training and socialization, they can stay happy, healthy, and well-adjusted pup for many years to come.

Jeffrey Cheek

Jeffrey Cheek is the proud owner of a funny goldendoodle named Bailey. Jeffrey loves spending time with his family and friends, and he enjoys being active outdoors. He is a successful business owner, and he takes great pride in providing for his loved ones. Bailey is always by Jeffrey's side, and the two of them make everyone around them laugh with their silly antics.

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